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About Cozy Country Kennels
We are a Professional Boarding and Grooming facility, We have been involved with animal care since we were youngsters.
Cozy Country Kennels is family-owned, operated and live on premises, in Liberty, NC. Since opening in 1998, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

Cozy Country Licensed and Inspected by:  North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer services  Veterinary Division
Pets By Vi
Originally Started as Birds By Vi LLC.  Vi had a dream, and started a Birdy boutique in the basement of our home in 1994. Vi quickly outgrew the basement store, and open up, Pets By Vi our front store. 
When opened in 1996, We had a full line Pet Store, With everything the big stores had plus, all the exotic animals other stores could not have with out USDA licenses. Years after 9/11 the economy in the Liberty area has droped. Pets by Vi has down sized to, a Pet Supply store, and Moved
Vi's Grooming in the front store.
Our Pet Supply Store now Carries
Dog & Cat Foods                                Small animal foods                             Fish foods
Collars & Leads                                   Water bottles                                      Fish supplies
Toys                                                    Toys and mantenance
Grooming tools                                    Bird Supplies
Dog maintenance items
Saddles & Tack            Horse Maintenance Items
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